Why do the clocks go back?

It has been over 100 years now since we began changing the clocks backward and forward in Britain. This year we go back an hour on Sunday 27th. Most of us know when this happens every year, but we don’t know why.

William Willett first proposed the idea to Britain in the eighteen hundreds to create more hours of light during the winter months. A keen horse rider he realised hours of beautiful light were being wasted whilst the rest of the world was still in bed!

clocks 2

After writing papers and fighting all his life for the scheme, Britain finally introduced ‘changing the clocks’ as we know it in the year after his death in May 1916.

Daylight saving time has been in controversy for years, as it effects workers in different ways. Farmers benefit from those extra hours in the morning, but not everyone likes the dark at 16.00!

Either way Willett’s home in Chislehurst, Kent have set up some walks and monuments to celebrate the saving of the daylight hours; through those beautiful woodlands where he first came up with the idea!


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